2012 Season Post Expectations

I’ll be honest, I just don’t have the time I used to have to keep up with this site like I want to right now. It’s not going anywhere though, and I will be posting pictures from home and away games throughout the year but I can’t promise how timely they will be.

I’m amazed at how much this site is still used by fans that either know to reference it when they need some good tailgate or stadium shots or by search engine results. I’d like to do more with it again in the future, but I don’t see a ton happening this year! That said, hopefully I’ll have the Ohio St away pics and FIU home pics up here relatively soon!


The Rain Game

Here is the stat of the game: 8″

That is how many inches of rain were dumped during a 24 hour time span into the game. We have the “tropical storm game” from 1999 vs Nicholas State when Irene passed through which I witnessed. Then there was the game in 2005 vs Tulane that was moved to Friday because of Hurricane Wilma. However I’ll always remember this game as the wettest game I’ve ever sat through in person. O’Leary said it was the most rain during a game that he has ever been involved with. The rain started on Friday and never stopped for a single moment on Saturday, which meant it was a wet tailgate too.

Unfortunately I forgot my camera which is actually waterproof so I had to rely on just taking a few iPhone pics this time. As you can see there are some benefits to a rain soaked tailgate though! The picture above from the Orlando Sentinel tells it all from how it was during the game. Soaking wet.

Knights got a much needed win, beating Marshall 16-6, to start the Conference USA schedule in a game that wasn’t pretty but we did what we had to do. Huge props to the defense that pitched a shutout (Marshall scored off fumble return) and continues to dominate. Now it’s on to possibly the toughest test of the year @ SMU!

Utah Trip Report for BYU Game

Trip Pics: Utah Trip & BYU Game Pics

I would say this was definitely one of the best overall away trips I’ve taken and I’ve done a lot. Of course the way we did this one by hitting Vegas for a night, 3 days in Zion National Park, and ending in SLC certainly helped. Vegas was Vegas and all four of us left with positive gains, so it was a good 24 hour stop. Zion was simply amazing, one of best national parks I’ve been to and I’d go back anytime just for this place alone. The hiking and canyoneering here was a blast and the setting was beautiful! We did the two most famous hikes in the park with Angel’s Landing & Narrows, the later of which we had to rent shoes, neoprene socks, and a hiking stick to be properly outfitted. Just look at the pics and you’ll see why.

Provo (where BYU plays) was interesting to say the least. [Read more →]

My Pics from the Boston College win

What a fantastic victory for UCF. To finally beat a BCS school at home and do it in such dominating fashion. Unfortunately the great feelings that game gave us didn’t last too long. I’ve uploaded the pics from the FIU loss as well. I could stand to put that in it’s own heading so I’m just sneaking them into this post. Talk about going from a super high to a super low, what a shift one week made. The sad thing is the game was lost really due to two plays, the Godfrey “fumble” and the muffed punt.

Boston College Tailgate & Game Pics

FIU Tailgate & Game Pics

Additionally I have to make a quick post about how awesome Knight fans did on the red bandanna tribute. It was really touching and I’m so proud that everyone got behind this tribute to a wonderful man. It seemed like just about everyone had a bandanna and it was a fantastic moment when they were being waved while Welles’ sisters were on the field. Something I’ll always remember. Here is a cool pic someone uploaded on FB that shows the participation.


UCF Dominates Boston College

Great jobs by the team on the field to get our first BCS win at home and great job by the fans & students for wearing red bandannas in such strong numbers. Very classy to a well deserving man on the 10 year anniversary of 9/11!

Here is a great highlight package down by brahman!

Boston College @ UCF, Remembering 9/11

A big game this weekend with an ACC opponent, Boston College, coming to town. UCF has never beaten a BCS team at home so getting that monkey off our back would be huge. Doing it in front of a sellout crowd even better!

As this game falls on 9/10/11 one day away from the 10 year anniversary of September 11th there will be some tributes before and during the game. If you haven’t heard there is a grassroots effort to have everyone wear a red bandanna for the game in honor of Welles Crowther, a BC alumni, who died at the WTC that day. He performed heroically helping to save many lives that day and ESPN just ran a story on him that is a wonderful piece and explains the reason for the bandanna. I’d recommend watching with a tissue in hand.


UCFVideos presents UCF Football Preview 2011

Great jobs as always by Auggie @ UCFVideos.com! There is nothing like the start of football season…

The year of the quaterback in C-USA

Memphis Commercial Appeal had a great article from C-USA media day regarding the incredible assortment of QBs that will be playing for C-USA teams this year. Of course my favorite quote comes from the Houston head coach you said this of Godfrey: “we couldn’t tackle that guy if we had him in this room.”

Conference USA a showcase for college quarterbacks

Liberty Bowl 2010 Trip Review


  • UCF fans throwing the red beads back on the street during parade
  • All the delicious food which I detail below!
  • Giving play by play updates to Knight fans in Gus’ chicken for Princeton BB game! We win!
  • The sweet taste of victory over a traditional powerhouse to end an incredible month & year for UCF!
  • Talking to D. Hallman after the game and letting him know what this victory means for long-time fans
  • UCF chants and Zombie Nation taking over the Doubletree atrium/lobby after the game.
  • Seeing Derrick again outside of hotel, then Jah Reid after the guitar dropped
  • Buddha scaring the crap out of me in a top floor room at the spooky Earnestine & Hazel’s bar, never ever been to a bar like this before. 2nd floor bar tender was awesome.


Interstate BBQ : 5* – This was our first stop of the trip and I think most if not all of our pretty large group came away pretty impressed. Looking back I think this place was the most consistent in terms of having excellent sides and entrees. The pulled pork itself was 2nd only to Commissary but the sandwich which had the most delicious cole slaw on it makes it a draw between the two spots in terms of a pulled pork sandwich. In addition to having the best cole slaw we had all weekend, I think the same can be said for its baked beans. I also like that the place has a bit of the hole in the wall charm to it! I’m going to proclaim this as my #1 overall favorite BBQ joint in Memphis! If I had to choose only one place on a future trip this would be the place. [Read more →]


(from Orlando Sentinel)